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Having said that, the logseq team is working hard to improve performance and have supposedly already made great progress. Once Logseq performance is faster, some of the iCloud issues will go away or at least get more like what you have with Obsidian. But they won't all go away. As others have said, iCloud is just not built for sync.

Advisers should note that some elements cannot be paid together, even if the claimant meets the criteria - for example, it is not possible for one claimant to claim both the carer element and the limited capability for work related activity element together. This gives the 'maximum amount' Step 2: Calculate earned income. Forum Home → Discussion → Universal credit administration → Thread.

Org-Roam. An Emacs library that recreates Roam (software that implements a Zettelkasten -like system) using org-mode. All notes are stored as individual files addressed by {timestamp}- {underscore_separated_title} and can be backlinked to create a graph of notes which can be generated using graphviz. NOTE: Many things have changed about org.

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When comparing logseq and nextcloud you can also consider the following projects: obsidian-mind-map - An Obsidian plugin for displaying markdown notes as mind maps using Markmap. Zettlr - A Markdown Editor for the 21st century. athens - Athens is a knowledge graph for research and notetaking. Logseq is a local-only, non-linear, outliner notebook for organizing and sharing.

Originally, the iCloud logseq folder was not visible but the On My iPhone Logseq folder was.. The Logseq desktop app is brilliant but it doesn’t have a mobile app yet. Fortunately, we can make Obsidian mobile app to play nice with it, all sync up using iCloud drive! By the way Obsidian itself is another PKMS, I just don’t like the way.

You can choose Face ID to protect your privacy and iCloud to sync your data. Data Security . Backup with iCloud / Export to .csv . Productivity . Save time by only tracking important transactions . Trend and Distribution . Beautiful charts to help you understanding assets . Best iOS Experience.

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